So did you miss the Wine-Fi News 12/03/11 edition ? Sorry about that, but was at Red Feather Winery all that weekend for Livermore Valley's "Holiday in the Vineyards" showing off Wine-Fi's wears. Had a real good time, good music and great people. Here's a little sample,




And it's always great being there using different props to take pictures of some of Wine-Fi's products.

W I N O Bottle Stopper Set (Letters are cut from a Barrel Stave)


Embroidered Woman's Long Sleeve and Wine Glass Holder

As for the Collegiate Glassware sale well......since I didn't have time to keep track of what was going on in the Collegiate Football world "EVERYTHING" was on sale, hoped you stopped by. Speaking of and noticing some did Wine-Fi on by, they noticed "NEW" to the collegiate glassware lineup Michigan State Spartan Wine Glasses and Michigan State Spartan Pilsner Glasses.

Christmas is 13 days away ! Is your shopping list complete ? There is still time to place orders online with your favorite retailers without having to worry about delivery time. But the longer you wait the more it'll get critical and Expedited Shipping prices will be high.

Some new items listed on Wine-Fi's "NEW" page are:

Pinot Noir 9" Pasta Bowl that is multi-functional. Use a Pasta Bowl of course or beutiful enough to display as a piece of art.

Set of 4 Vineyard Dipping Bowls great for Wine Parties or just everyday use.

                         Cute and fun glassware by Artist Emerson Quillin "It's my favorite color ...Wine!"

Remember Christmas is 13 days away still enough time for regular shipping. In the mean time keep on Wine-Fi'ing and be safe out there.

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