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Wine Bio

A PA-based wine marketing platform builder through education, sales and events with importers and wineries worldwide. Co-Chair, Co-Founder and Wine Coordinator for the Annual Penn State WPSU Wine Festival and Celebration from 2008 to 2012. From its conception in 2008 to the 3rd Annual festival, my team guided and grew the Penn State Wine Festival into an official PLCB-sponsored wine festival.

The 3rd Annual Wine 2011 Festival welcomed Spain's Vibrant Rioja NYC trade mission, over…


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I'm Still Enjoying Working on This...

I remember an old episode of The Honeymooners where the Kramdens and the Nortons were taking etiquette lessons so they could get approved for a membership at the local Country Club. Their snooty instructor tells them, “There are two words in the English language that should never be used: one is ‘swell’ and the other one is ‘lousy’”, to which Norton replies, “Well give us the lousy one first…”

As I moved up the restaurant food chain from places that referred to themselves as “stores”… Continue

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There is no Simple Solution!

Two days ago, I received my copy of the November 15th issue of Wine Spectator – Rich and Powerful Cabernets. Before dinner, I started to skim through the pages. I stopped on Sr. Editor James Laube’s page. Entitled “Napa Cabernets on the Brink”, I hit the pause button and started reading. I know that there are many mixed feelings towards the magazine but personally I find that James makes a lot of sense about what he writes.

He starts this editorial by saying that a Napa winemaker… Continue

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Joining the Boy Scouts!

I spent 7 years as a Scoutmaster where I tried to instill an attitude that the scouts in my troop planned for the best, prepared for the worst, & tried with every ounce of energy to succeed. The BSA simplified that as their motto of “Be Prepared”.

During the past weeks every time I turn a page or click the mouse I see an article about next year’s wine business & predictions for 2010. Some are upbeat, many are neutral, but very few paint a dark image. No one likes to read doom… Continue

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The Future is Here!

Four weeks ago I published a blog entitled “It’s Not Social Media it is a Total Change in Our Way of Life!”; where I wrote about the future impact of phone apps on the wine industry. In that blog (and also in ”United You May Stand, Divide You May Fall”) I mentioned that wine associations should start thinking about developing phone apps for their members. Last week I received an… Continue

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Is Your Glass Half Filled?

As I see it there are seven groups involved with the wine business; an industry in turmoil. I have always felt that whenever there is chaos there is opportunity. If you are in the wine business are you ready to do that?

Domestic Wineries – I could write pages & pages on just this topic (but not now). This is the sector where I believe that there is the most chaos. After a decade of grow (for the most part) we are seeing one of the most challenging business environments in… Continue

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United You Can Stand, Divided You May Fall!

About two months ago I reached out to a number of winery owners around the world trying to get a sense of how cooperative various wine association members were with each other in terms of sharing valuable data.

Since those inquiries went out (and answers returned) a lot has happened in the wine industry but I would bet that nothing has changed. It is my contention that most wineries were too busy selling wine to really pay much attention to the direct to consumer sales over the last… Continue

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Are Your Ducks Lined Up?

You may prefer Robert Parker’s rating system for wine, but the latest issue of Wine Spectator (Oct 16th, 2009) should be causing alarm bells to be going off if you are a winery.

With a circulation of over 300,000 an issue, that magazine does affect a lot of wine drinkers’ decisions, and if this special issue doesn’t stop you in your strategic tracks I strongly suggest that you contact someone like John Corcoran (… Continue

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Mark’s Vision of the Dark Side of the Moon!

The Wine Industry is moving into uncharted waters. No one had ever seen the backside (dark side) of the moon until the astronauts circled the moon 40 years ago, and even then we never get a complete view. Last year the movie “Bottle Shock” chronicled the dramatic win by Chateau Montelena at the Judgment of Paris tasting in 1976. It forever changed the fortunes of Napa county wineries and eventually the global wine business.

Once again we are at a point where Bottle Shock 2 may be… Continue

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Words of Wisdom from Four Leaders

It would be easy to use my words to again help promote the World Wine Tour 2010, but I believe that the weight of these important individuals will have a greater impact. There is still a ways to go to reach their fundraising goal to complete the full tour, so please go to: to donate to this worthy cause. To date more than $15,000 has been raised, but just over $20,000 is still needed. Please… Continue

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KISS – The Stories of Christian & Patches

We hear much lately about how businesses should or shouldn’t be using social media to maintain contact with their clients, increase attention about their wines that can help drive traffic to their online website to generate actual sales. I have been writing about integrating social media, also how it’s a total change in the way we communicate, and I have compared the effects of a technology wave to real oceans waves while surfing.

At the heart of all this new communication is… Continue

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It’s Not Social Media it is a Total Change in Our Way of Life!

Yesterday, a connection on LinkedIn was responding to comments left by another in regards to new smart phone applications (apps). Tom had said that he only uses his cell phone for talking. Todd Havens’ (Director of Marketing at The Visionaire Group) responded that he used his smart phone for everything but talking. I said I wished I could wrap up Todd’s comments and send every winery in the U.S. a copy...because he is not alone...there are millions like him doing very similar things across a… Continue

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Are You Integrating Your Social Media and Online Sites?

Now the important point, are you using the social media network to gain competitive advantage? If you are not, you’re wasting your time.

Last week I wrote about how you needed to portray a sense of passion to your readers ( ), to change connections to customers, to convert customers to loyal clients. I also advised you that you better engage them on a… Continue

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Power, Passion & Money

They say that grape growing and wine making is all about passion. I have never grown a grape (yet) but I sense their passion and nurturing ways with the heirloom vegetables and flowers that I grow. I can understand that at times it can be all consuming, especially during the harvest and the actual wine making process. That being said, times have also changed, like it or not, and people need to adapt to a significant change in the culture of communication. No matter how deep your passion is, the… Continue

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Should we be Looking for Clark Kent?

We stand in a newly planted field. You needed my investment to make it happen, but you know that I am ignorant of winery operations. As you stand there showing me this opportunity, I burst your bubble with a question of “How many tons of grapes we will see this year?” Stunned, you tell me that this field will not produce a yield for 3 to 5 years. In disbelief I go away. Four years later as the buds break I notice that the vines have gotten much taller, and I ask “Will we have grapes this year”?… Continue

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Tiers for Fears

The Future of U.S. Wine Distribution and its Three-Tier System.

A Provocative Viewpoint by an Online Wine Retailer

The climate is altering. The landscape is shifting. Momentous change is unfolding in the wine world around us. And it's being induced by something subtle yet powerful in its capacity to affect the way we think about wine in the marketplace: the internet. Traditional distribution under the three-tier model, which has… Continue

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You Better Start Paddling NOW

I start by saying most of this is a copy of the beginning of today’s Wine & Spirits Daly newsletter. If you don’t get it, I strongly recommend it if you are in the business. If you want me to forward you the entire piece please send me an email at

Wine & Spirits Daily

August 7, 2009

Internet Buzz Strong for Growing Wine Regions

“The wine industry has seen major changes over the past year and a half as we… Continue

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Never the (Wine) Twine Shall Meet?

There have been a number of blogs written about two events that just took place in Wine Country of northern California. One event was the Wine Industry Technology Symposium (WITS) in mid-July in Napa. The most recent event was the 2009 Wine Bloggers Conference in San Francisco and the surrounding area wine towns. I will freely admit that I was at neither and I am basing my response upon articles that I have read and from talking to people who were there.

All the experts from Rob… Continue

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Old World Wine versus New World Wine!

To be or not to be? Sorry Willy but I couldn’t help myself by stealing your line from Hamlet.

Over the last several months I have seen and read a whole lot of blogs taking one side or another of this wine issue. I think that there is virtue in both sides. Since I am not a fence sitter let me explain.

It would seem that those who favor the Old World wines scoff at the New World wines for their lack of maturity and for being hot (too high an alcohol content). The New World… Continue

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Branding Your Individual Wines

I just read a blog on “authenticity” and how important it is in using social media to bring that honesty to the forefront of your marketing efforts. This blog got me to thinking about how an individual winery’s wine is perceived in the marketplace.

If you look up the definition of “Brand Image” the explanation is just that, how it is perceived by individuals in the marketplace. This then comes to the idea of branding your wine. That is the creation of the image of that wine that is… Continue

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