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California Wine Tour Day 5 - Napa Valley

Being regular sparkling wine drinkers, we had neglected this style since our excursion to J Vineyards. We decided to head directly to Mumm Napa, where we knew a wide array of sparkling wines would await us. We had tried several of these wines at this year’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival and thought that many of their wines were great values priced… Continue

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California Wine Tour Day 5 - Stags Leap District

Today we started the last day of our trip and our only full day in Napa on the Silverado Trail. This road runs parallel to Highway 29, is less crowded, and most importantly is home to many excellent wineries. One of these is Stag's Leap Wine Cellars, where we intentionally started the day. If you have been keeping track of our tour, you… Continue

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California Wine Tour Day 4 - Sonoma County

We had an early afternoon appointment at Ridge Vineyards - Lytton Springs so we headed north on State Road 128 crossing back into Sonoma County and traveling through some of the nicest countryside we had seen: the Knight and Alexander Valleys. Don’t miss this drive – its one of the best in the area. We arrived and were greeted by David Gates, the winery’s… Continue

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California Wine Tour Day 4 - Northern Napa

We started our day by crossing over the mountains for our first wine venture into Napa. We had visited Calistoga the previous evening to see the Old Faithful Geyser and Petrified Forest and to explore the northern Napa area. We came upon Castello di Amorosa - an immense castle hidden from St. Helena Highway. The Open sign was still displayed on the… Continue

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California Wine Tour Day 3 - Russian River Valley

We have been fans of Foppiano Vineyards since we tasted there wines and heard their unique history at the 2007 Washington D.C. Food & Wine Festival. For Foppiano Vineyards is Sonoma County's oldest continually owned family winery, having… Continue

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California Wine Tour Day 2 - Russian River Valley

We started our first day in Sonoma overwhelmed, staring at the Russian River Valley winery brochure and its listing of over 100 wineries. We eliminated the wineries which were open by appointment only - but still had quite a few to choose from. We decided to start at the closest open winery to our hotel in Sebastopol: Martin Ray Winery. The winery is… Continue

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California Wine Tour Day 1 - Marin County

Today, June 30th, we finally ventured out of San Francisco and headed north to wine country. We traveled over the Golden Gate bridge and headed west to the Point Bonita Lighthouse at the mouth of the San Francisco Bay. Overlooking the intersection between the bay and the ocean, this lighthouse offered excellent views of the rough seas, seals sunning on the rocks below, the Golden Gate bridge, and San Francisco. Our next destination was… Continue

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First Attempt at Making Wine

Did you ever start something and had no idea what you were doing? Well today I decided to start making wine using a wine kit my wife gave to me. I’m going to attempt to make a Cabernet Sauvignon wine using juice and a bunch of packets containing various chemicals and oak by a company called Vintners Reserve. According to the directions, just follow directions and everything will turn out all right.

My first task was to sanitize everything. Of course, the supplied video used a… Continue

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How Does Wine Trail Traveler Choose Wineries to Visit

Yesterday my wife received an email from a winery in New Mexico asking why we haven't visited any wineries in New Mexico. Since we live in Maryland, it has been more economical to visit wineries on the East Coast. Many of the 225 wineries visited have been in the Finger Lakes region of New York. This was due to family matters. Treks to California, Oregon and Washington were attempts to visit wineries in the states that produce large amounts of wine. Trips to the United Kingdom and Italy were in… Continue

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The Romance of Food, the Food of Romance...

I am starting to dream of food, or to be more specific vegetables. I've always dreamed of cake and freshly baked sweet things, dreamed of finding that perfect little sweet shop (of which are popping up all over places like Silverlake in L.A., and exist in New York and San Francisco but alas *sigh* we don't seem to have here in Long Beach) with scrumptious layer cakes and fruit tarts, but now I'm dreaming of things that are good for me - like asparagus. Last night I dreamed I bought a beautiful… Continue

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Wine Tasting Groups Locally

I would love to organize a local food and wine tasting group here in Willamette Valley, where we would meet once a month, sharing costs and experience. Or even become a member of an already existing group.

Added by Tammy Barganier on June 6, 2008 at 12:17pm — No Comments

Spreading the love - WineCountry Contributions

Hello to all my dear Wine and Hospitality Network friends. I think most of you would agree that South Africa is among some of the top wine producing countries in the world. Our own infrastructure, antiquated approaches, government and selfish telecomms company make it hard for us to bring our fantastic wines to the world, though.

WineCountry aims to remedy that. The WineCountry Blog loves bringing news from wine regions all across… Continue

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Wine by the Glass...Does size matter?

Wine by the Glass...Does size matter?

When on-premise operators ask for service and marketing ideas to help them maximise wine by the glass sales, one of the first things we strongly recommended is that they offer a variety of serving sizes. Selected from the following:

* Tastes (75mls)(2.5 oz.)

* Small Measure – predominantly fine wine (125mls)(4oz.)

* Standard Glass (175mls)(6oz.)

* Large Glass (250mls)(8oz.)

* Carafes

* Half Bottle… Continue

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Wine Buying in San Diego

As a wine buyer in San Diego, I get to see a lot of new wine marketing ideas, taste different wine styles, as well as watch the responses from my customers. I feel as though the wine drinking market segment here truly represents the market in most of the country, albeit with a bigger emphasis on Californian wines. San Diego isn't a very sophisticated foodie/wine town, even though it appears that way. I come from the northeast and have dined in restaurants in New York and Boston, and even though… Continue

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Wine in a can- Australia has it, and we're getting it!

Yes- its true.Its going crazy in Europe and Asia, and now the US is finally getting the chance to fill a niche thats been needing attention. Its award winning wines from Australia thats in a ceramic lined can- one that took almost 10 years to perfect. Its made "clean and green"- minimal additives and preservatives.It chillls fast, no worries of glass breakage, and takes up little space and weighs next to nothing. Its perfect for your boat, to take to concerts, the beach, sports venues, for your… Continue

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The U.S. is going BAROKES !!!!

The name of the "wine in a can" product is BAROKES.Its hot in Europe and Asia, and now its finally here in the U.S. These award winning Australian wines in a ceramic lined can, are here to fill a niche that has been overlooked. This can was 10 years in the making, and is patented in over 15 countries.Its made "clean & green"- minimal additives or preservatives. Four varietals that are ready to go to the beach, on your boat, to a concert, sports venue or in your hotel minibars and on the… Continue

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Jump Starting Your Green Network with "Green Drinks"

Oh sure the topic of "Green Thinking" is hot these days, we see it all over the progressive news, but what if you're new to the movement, or live in an area of the country where the green movement hasn't really taken off yet? Creating your own local "Green Drinks" chapter is a great way to jump in and begin to build a social network of like-minded locals to help you kick start things.

Describing… Continue

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Food and Wine Pairing, Italian Style..

Along my travels through Europe with my American Italian Sommelier friend, he introduced to me a very useful food and wine pairing chart used by Italian Sommeliers. I have been slowly working it the methods into my wine routines, and have found that it offers a really scientific and interesting approach to food and wine pairing. Here are some highlights:

The chart assesses the structure and overall sensory experience of both the food and wine you are pairing together. For food, it… Continue

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Highlights of my Italian-German Wine Buying Trip!

I most recently came home from a wine buying/tasting trip through Italy and Germany. I met up with my Italian Sommelier friend (who is an American living in Italy) and we stormed ancient castles, ate fantastic food and drank some amazing wines together. Here are some highlights:

Notes on Piedmont:

I visited Marchesi di Barolo, Mauro Veglio, and Paitin. Mauro Veglio crafted more of a newer-world style wine, as they use quite a bit of barriques and new oak. Marchesi di… Continue

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Earth and Wallet Friendly Wines...

I am dedicating this blog to my upcoming 4-20 class. As you know, I am doing a blind tasting of wines that a. don't hurt your wallet and b. that are eco-friendly. Hey, I actually care about what I put into my body. I don't want to drink wines that have been manipulated with god-knows-what, over-sulphited, inferior grapes, and the winemaker's chemical touches (which are god knows what!). So, this class is designed to show you how to disriminate against horribly made wines that don't hurt your… Continue

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