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Custom Crush Capacity

I have a wine industry contact who is in the process of completing construction of a new processing facility. There will be excess processing capacity as the facility gets activated, so if you know of any small producer that will need some additional "custom crush" capacity in a state of the art facility located in the Sonoma Valley.  Message me if interested. Thanks

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Wine Country Hotel Concierge Awarded Top Honor



Wine Country Hotel Concierge Awarded Top Honor


SANTA ROSA, CA, October 26th, 2016 - Mr. Chris Morano, Chief Concierge at Fountaingrove Inn | The Steakhouse @ Equus in Santa Rosa, CA, has received the 2016 Excellence in Lodging & Hospitality Award for a Lodging Staff Person by the California Lodging Industry Association (CLIA).  Morano received this significant honor recently at the annual California Lodging…


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New Year, New Ideas, New Products

Got a little busy the end of last year working on custom orders, dreaming up new ideas and working them. So let's review a few of them.

One customer liked my 2 Bottle Wall Mount w/Bung Hole Display but asked if it could accommodate a Bottle Stopper . Oh ya and can you make Bottle Stopper Letters ? Emmmmm, sure why not !

The Wall Mount w/Bottle Stopper option was kinda fun…


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Wine Chimes Wind Chimes

some completed projects "Wine Chimes" aka as Wind Chimes. Sticking to repurposing as much as possible still using Champagne/Sparkling cages as much as possible, Wine Bottles of course ( a few I had to empty they were good) and Wine Barrel Hoops on a good 99%. Barrel Hoops just are not big enough to be ummmm "Tingers" (for lack of a better term) in 1.5 liter bottles, but I've a few Wine Barrel Staves that solved that.  

I've a few of these Wine Chimes listed and…


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Been quite awhile posting anything soooo

Etched “Hanging Wine Bottle Candle Holders” and “Wine Bottle Pendant Lights” caught the eye of many. So much so we've been taking orders just for the etched bottles themselves. Any ways, to expand that line more we came out with Decoupage Candle and …


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Bryan-David Scott is searching for retail partners


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Opportunity to Acquire Unique Winery in Virginia



One of Virginia’s most unique wineries is available for sale on a confidential basis. Winery is situated on an exceptional country estate/farm property located in the heart of the most prestigious wine and horse country of Virginia, with easy access to Washington, DC. The real estate alone, not including winery operations, was appraised at close to $3 million.



Asking Price/Terms

$3.5 million.…


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New updated website

There is a new website now which showcases a new slideshow, magazine style collage albums, videos of photos plus myself taking photos, other video services detailed, lots of client reviews of my work and their experience and more. I invite you to check out

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Wine-Fi News 12/11/11

So did you miss the Wine-Fi News 12/03/11 edition ? Sorry about that, but was at Red Feather Winery all that weekend for Livermore Valley's "Holiday in the Vineyards" showing off Wine-Fi's wears. Had a real good time, good music and great people. Here's a little sample,



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Wine-Fi News 11/27/11

First hope you had a good and safe Thanksgiving. Speaking of safe, hope you also had a “SAFE” Black Friday. Jeez it getting crazy with pepper spraying and shootings !!!

Time for updates in regards to Collegiate Football and Team Glassware and other goings on at Wine-Fi.

For new readers here’s how it works at Wine-Fi. A pair of Collegiate Glasses ( Wine, Pilsner, Martini ) are priced at the everyday low…


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Wine-Fi News 11/27/11

The Oregon Ducks and their Oregon Ducks Martini Glasses are back on sale  by taking Oregon State off that sales list. The Ducks also took the Pac 12 North over Stanford with the win. For the 12th game in a row and solidifying their hold for a National Championship the LSU Tigers keep  Louisiana State University Pilsner Glasses and …


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Wine-Fi News 11/20/11

Sunday, time for last week’s Collegiate Football overview of who’s still sale and who was knocked out of the sale column. Also, we’ll see what’s new going on at Wine-Fi.

For new readers here’s how it works at Wine-Fi. A pair of Collegiate Glasses ( Wine, Pilsner, Martini ) are priced…


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Wine-Fi News 11/14/11


Another week of Collegiate Football has been completed so it’s time to put or leave the winners on sales and for the losers well better luck next week. So here’s how it works if you’re a new reader here. 2 Collegiate Glasses are priced at our everyday low price of $49.00. But if your team wins, Wine-Fi will knock $4.00 off the set for an even lower price of $45.00. There are additional saving to be found too. We have 10% discount codes…

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Wine-Fi News 11/06/11


November is here and Wine-Fi is ramping up for the upcoming Holidays. New products have been added which we’ll discuss after our Collegiate Football update.

In the matchup of undefeateds #1 LSU and #2 Alabama, field goals were few (2 each) and precious with LSU scoring the…

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Wine-Fi News 10/30/11


Well October is just about over with tomorrow being Halloween and some parts of the country are going to have a WHITE Halloween?  Stay warm out there Trick or Treaters. Speaking of the strange weather it’s raised a little havoc with the Grape harvest too of some Wineries. Talking to Dan & Connie Davis yesterday of Red Feather Winery the Brix of their Cabernet Sauvignon seem to be holding at 22. So they’ve…


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Vigilant Woodworks & Green Cabinetworks Featured in Area Media

Vigilant Woodworks and its subsidiary, Green Cabinetworks, were recently included in several area publications thanks to the Green Alliance, an organization based in Portsmouth, NH that connects green businesses with the eco-aware communities in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. The Green Alliance also sells memberships to customers who benefit from discounts at…


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Wine Safari in the Rhonevalley

Wine Safari is proud to present that it is mentioned in four of the Rick Steves travel guide books:

Europe, France, Provence and Côte d' Azur and latest in the Mediteranian Cruiseguide book.

Also being presented on Tripadvisor.

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The East Coast is Hopping

Hi All:

I am a resident…


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Orpheus Wines Debut & Art Show

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What Are The Best Woods for Wine Racks?

At Vigilant Woodworks, we choose the best materials for our wine storage products so they will last a long time. Our individual wine racks, wine cellar doors, Tuscan tables and modular wine cabinets are made from mahogany, a wood known not only for its beauty but its durability. We also offer our wine racks in pine, which accepts stain well and can be sourced locally. Here is a closer look at these materials.

At Vigilant…


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