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Wine list descriptions deliver a personal message and sell more wine

Originally published in Sommelier Journal, Oct. 2008

I’ve heard just about all the reasons why restaurants say they do not to include descriptions in their wine lists, and none of them hold water. Simply put, consumers of all goods appreciate and strongly feel the need for descriptions.

Imagine, say, retail stores with no shelf talkers, or buying a car or appliance without information beyond sticker prices. Most consumers… Continue

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Franklin’s Brewery - Hyattsville, Maryland

For some reason the day after Christmas I was craving beer so I headed to a local microbrew on the other side of the beltway: Franklin’s Brewery in Hyattsville, Maryland. The venue is located in a historic area that is somewhat on the decline,… Continue

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New issue of the BKWine Brief wine newsletter out

A new issue of our (free) wine newsletter is out: issue 77 of the BKWine Brief.

Christmas wines, champagne recommendations, new videos, “so wine producers get better ratings if they advertise in the mag?”, wine filled chocolate, the Côtes gets married, and more!

Get it here:


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hola to the network

Just a quick first post and a touch about why I'm joinin' up & loggin' in...

My family on my mother's side is from Italy, owns restaurants and it is my good fortune to have grown up in an Italian kitchen with grandmother's real fresh southern pastas n sauces and wine for all. Throw in my aunt's and mother's recipes and mix in our generation's attempts to be up to speed w/ a touch of newness and the result is, well you can guess. My extended family all live in LA tho' my brother's… Continue

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Hot off press: resurgence of Russian River Valley pinots

I was in Sonoma County for two weeks at the end of November/beginning of December ostensibly to study the fantastical Rockpile AVA, 800 to 2,200 feet up high above (to the north and west of) Dry Creek Valley. My notes on the two and half days spent up there soon to come…

The Middle Reaches of Russian River…

Added by Randy Caparoso on December 10, 2009 at 6:41pm — 1 Comment

Internet Marketing Consultant

There are some techniques that work fine on their own, but the trick of internet marketing is to employ a combined effort which will bring traffic to your internet site from a spread of sources.Becoming an">Internet Marketing Consultant is actually one of the best methods you can beat the drowsiness of being online for a long while. Not only does it open new venues for you to explore, but it is also a good way to help others… Continue

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Mark the Cork Head Favorite Awards

Once again it is time to announce the annual Mark the Cork Head’s “Favorites” wine awards.

To be awarded a favorite, the wines must be of the highest quality, widely available and affordable. This year’s list includes wines from California and around the world. Each may be confidently purchased knowing you will have a wide spectrum of wines to enjoy with friends and family.

Favorites are announced each year after tasting more than one thousand selections in the… Continue

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Should your business go paperless?

Consider the potential benefits and how they would affect YOUR business

Cutting Costs - Going paperless has the potential to cut certain costs from your budget. You'll no longer need to pay for the space and equipment necessary for keeping old documents.

If you've been storing a lot of files, that amount can certainly add up. Paperless companies have unlimited storage space for only a tiny fraction of the cost. You'll also reduce the amount of man power needed to… Continue

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Interview with Erwan Faiveley: Old French Family, New Tricks

Erwan Faiveley’s grandfather married right — he joined forces with the Faiveley [FAVE a lay] wine family in Burgundy, France. Weirdly enough, his grandfather bore the same last name as his new bride, so no name-change paperwork had to be filed. An auspicious start to a beautiful union.

The day he turned 18, an experience confirmed Erwan needed to be entwined with the 184-year-old family business. At his surprise birthday party, his father handed him the keys to the wine… Continue

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