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KISS – The Stories of Christian & Patches

We hear much lately about how businesses should or shouldn’t be using social media to maintain contact with their clients, increase attention about their wines that can help drive traffic to their online website to generate actual sales. I have been writing about integrating social media, also how it’s a total change in the way we communicate, and I have compared the effects of a technology wave to real oceans waves while surfing.

At the heart of all this new communication is… Continue

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It’s Not Social Media it is a Total Change in Our Way of Life!

Yesterday, a connection on LinkedIn was responding to comments left by another in regards to new smart phone applications (apps). Tom had said that he only uses his cell phone for talking. Todd Havens’ (Director of Marketing at The Visionaire Group) responded that he used his smart phone for everything but talking. I said I wished I could wrap up Todd’s comments and send every winery in the U.S. a copy...because he is not alone...there are millions like him doing very similar things across a… Continue

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The Kenefick Effect

Former Neurosurgeon Cultivates Prized Vineyard Land in Calistoga.

An Interview with Tom Kenefick of Napa's Kenefick Ranch.

When Tom Kenefick first got into the business of raising vines over three decades ago, he had no idea he would eventually be growing grapes for some of Napa Valley's finest wine brands. In fact, tending vineyard land had only been a weekend endeavor for many years, which he balanced with a full time schedule as a… Continue

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Are You Integrating Your Social Media and Online Sites?

Now the important point, are you using the social media network to gain competitive advantage? If you are not, you’re wasting your time.

Last week I wrote about how you needed to portray a sense of passion to your readers ( ), to change connections to customers, to convert customers to loyal clients. I also advised you that you better engage them on a… Continue

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Cult Wines for Tough Times and more...

A very nice lady named Jo Diaz did a much appreciated (and humbling) piece on me.

I am the wine columnist for Chef magazine which reaches over 170,000 readers on the web and in print.

Here is an older piece: Please scroll to page 42

•Click once to… Continue

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New issue of the BKWine Brief newsletter out

We've just published the latest edition of our wine newsletter, the BKWine Brief Issue #73:

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Womens Interest Article on Amanda Hulver Executive Chef

Womens Interest Focus

Ms. Hulver started her career as a food server and gradually rose to the position of line cook. Regarding her restaurant experience, she has said, 'I appreciate and respect the food industry because I was down in the trenches and in the front line of every kitchen!' She lends her expertise as a food consultant who works to exceed her customers' expectations by providing quality food with personalized service by way of a highly motivated team of… Continue

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Power, Passion & Money

They say that grape growing and wine making is all about passion. I have never grown a grape (yet) but I sense their passion and nurturing ways with the heirloom vegetables and flowers that I grow. I can understand that at times it can be all consuming, especially during the harvest and the actual wine making process. That being said, times have also changed, like it or not, and people need to adapt to a significant change in the culture of communication. No matter how deep your passion is, the… Continue

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Words with Winemakers

Perspectives on the Wine Industry & Reflections on Winemaking.

An Interview with Five Northern California Winemakers.

Any enthusiast will agree that wine has the potential to inspire our minds, fulfill our hearts, and arouse our souls like few other things in life do. But in experiencing the magic of wine at its best, it's not very often that we stop to think about the very people whose talent and skill are essential in making it… Continue

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Mike Rijken Wine Safari in Rhonevalley France

Dear Wine friends,

Just wanted to announce having entered your group.

Since 1983 working in France, and comming from the hotel and restaurant side I have dedicated my life to the winehospitality issue. 13 years PR and hospitality manager for Chateau de Beaucastel in the south of France, I have now my own company called Wine Safari.

Also mentioned in the famous books of Rick Steves and on Trip Advisor.

When ever people have questions about wines… Continue

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Asunto de Vino - Great Chilean Wine

It takes a region of character to make a wine that is memorable. Nestled between the Andes to the East, and the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Cachapoal Valley in central Chile is a great example of such a setting. Known for its full-bodied wines, and perfect weather for the growth of excellent quality grapes, Asunto de Vino leverages this terrain to create their wines to be shared with the rest of the… Continue

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'The Wait' - New Collection of Fine Wines

The linkage between time and human emotion is fundamental to the bond between winemakers and their grapes. Like a mother caring for her child, they wait, watch, and hope as their fruit mature. They shield the delicate growths from the harmful elements threatening to destroy their yield. Over time, their patience, hope and dedication pay off and they are finally rewarded for the labor of their love. Time has combined with their emotion to create… Continue

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Friday Monkey Launches Cabernet Shiraz in USA

Friday Monkey Wines have just released 2 new wines in Delaware, New York, Michigan, Maryland, New Jersey and Oklahoma.

Wilmington, USA, December, 2008 -- Friday Monkey Wines, known for its popular Friday Monkey mark in Australia and USA, has just introduced Friday Monkey Cabernet Shiraz and Friday Monkey Rose to their line of wines which are currently available in fine wine shops in Delaware. Friday Monkey is available in selected… Continue

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Looking for investors

We were just featured in an article in the Los Angeles Times as being

an innovator in wine marketing. Telemundo will soon be doing a feature

on us and stories about us have appeared in 20 states. We are poised to

explode on the scene and be one of the hottest topics in the wine


We are looking for investors to put in as little as $10,000 and get in on the ground floor of will

pay incredible returns either in the short or long terms.

To… Continue

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Should we be Looking for Clark Kent?

We stand in a newly planted field. You needed my investment to make it happen, but you know that I am ignorant of winery operations. As you stand there showing me this opportunity, I burst your bubble with a question of “How many tons of grapes we will see this year?” Stunned, you tell me that this field will not produce a yield for 3 to 5 years. In disbelief I go away. Four years later as the buds break I notice that the vines have gotten much taller, and I ask “Will we have grapes this year”?… Continue

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Tiers for Fears

The Future of U.S. Wine Distribution and its Three-Tier System.

A Provocative Viewpoint by an Online Wine Retailer

The climate is altering. The landscape is shifting. Momentous change is unfolding in the wine world around us. And it's being induced by something subtle yet powerful in its capacity to affect the way we think about wine in the marketplace: the internet. Traditional distribution under the three-tier model, which has… Continue

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You Better Start Paddling NOW

I start by saying most of this is a copy of the beginning of today’s Wine & Spirits Daly newsletter. If you don’t get it, I strongly recommend it if you are in the business. If you want me to forward you the entire piece please send me an email at

Wine & Spirits Daily

August 7, 2009

Internet Buzz Strong for Growing Wine Regions

“The wine industry has seen major changes over the past year and a half as we… Continue

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Chalking It Up

Chalk Hill Estate

Sonoma Winery Perpetuates Its Style Amidst Geographical Complexity.

An Interview with the Winemaker of Chalk Hill Estate.

Very few premium wineries in Northern California can boast of vineyards that lie on a single estate of nearly 1,400 contiguous acres. Even fewer enjoy the advantage to their wine production afforded by an expansive landholding that features widely diverse vineyard soils and sharply varying topography. Chalk Hill… Continue

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Never the (Wine) Twine Shall Meet?

There have been a number of blogs written about two events that just took place in Wine Country of northern California. One event was the Wine Industry Technology Symposium (WITS) in mid-July in Napa. The most recent event was the 2009 Wine Bloggers Conference in San Francisco and the surrounding area wine towns. I will freely admit that I was at neither and I am basing my response upon articles that I have read and from talking to people who were there.

All the experts from Rob… Continue

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FloydFest Beer Garden

One of the best features of FloydFest is that they provide a Beer Garden for patrons who would like to indulge while listening to music. Alcohol policy varies by festival with some banning all alcohol, whereas others provide alcohol throughout the general festival grounds. FloydFest strikes a balance by providing… Continue

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