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Hinnant Family Vineyard 's 2004 Norton

We realized this week that we have an extraordinary inventory of Norton wines and decided it was time to start drinking some. We have been told that Norton wines age particularly well in the bottle so once in a while we will pull a random bottle and evaluate it. This week we drew the Hinnant Family Vineyard's 2004 Norton. This North Carolina winery is primarily known… Continue

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Everything is coming up Rosé in France

Wine Newsletter

Everything is coming up Rosé in France

Southwestern France, August , 2008.

By Frank L. Machover

I am sitting on my terrace overlooking the Lemance Valley, in Lot et Garonne, South of the Perigord, having a few drinks with friends before we sit down for dinner.

Being in the wine business, all our guests bring a bottle or two of wines they want me to try, their “secret finds”, but when it comes time for cocktails before dinner, or “aperitif” as… Continue

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we are going to party tonight

Most of August was a disaster; talking about the weather – out of the first 20 days we had maybe three or four days of sun, otherwise it was overcast with rain most days. Now the weather has turned pleasant; sun, a few clouds and warm. Today looks like another perfect day.

What’s on board for today; cleaning the studio, hanging up some watercolour works in the studio and in the front entrance; working on the Thursday File and the… Continue

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just working away in my studio

Wow another nice hot sunny day. Beverly and Liz took of to a Baby shower this afternoon, then they plan to shop for tomorrows party and the wedding next week. It looks like it’s going to be a very busy week leading up to Nathan’s wedding on Saturday.

I’ve been working today mostly on the Thursday File but also cleaning up my computer doing a ton of filling. My screen looks a little better. I keep jumping around – a little of this a little of that – moving slowly but am I getting… Continue

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busy day

Yesterday was wonderful, sunny all day, this lead to our first red tomato, which we all took a slice of. The taste was out of this world. If this keeps up we are going to have a ton of tomatoes.

I have a very full morning of work from 6am until 3pm I only have two half hour breaks the rest of the time is non stop action you might say. It’s hard in one sense; you must stay focused and watch the time like a hawk; time does go by fast though and before you realize it. The work day is… Continue

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murder she wrote?

My granddaughter Shannon stayed over last night which takes a lot of our time you could say we had our hands full.

I’m a real sap for TV shows – one of them I loved to watch was ‘Murder She Wrote’, from 1984 to 1996, simple entertainment you might say but there was something I enjoyed. Angela Lansbury played a mystery writer who always found herself investigating murders that occurred around her. My son would call her “Lady Death – where ever she goes death always follows her.” I… Continue

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going for a coffee this morning

This morning I’m having a battle of patience with these three flies. I hate them and they are driving me up the wall. I have my flyswatter (maybe I need to get one of those fly gun or flygun, a derivative of the fly swatter, uses a spring-loaded plastic projectile to "swat" flies. Mounted on the projectile is a perforated circular disk which, according to advertising copy, "really does work" and "won't splat the fly".) with me at all times but they seem to be working together – impossible you… Continue

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Rose Bank Winery

After a day playing at Sesame Place, it was time for the adults to have some fun, so we ventured only a few mile north to visit Rose Bank Winery. A member of the Bucks County Wine Trail, the winery first opened in 1984 as In & Out… Continue

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Blue skies all day long . . .

Just finish my first rounds today and I’m going to make breakfast for myself. Beverly headed out over a half hour ago; she popped her head into the studio and waved goodbye as she was eating a peach. Liz is still in Sussex where she has been for the weekend.

Well, we did not get out on Sunday as I had planed but instead I made a really great salad for Beverly when she got home. The rest of the day was spent doing yard work.

Tomorrow I plan to get over to Chapters for a… Continue

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Mysterious Mountain

Working on the Thursday File for next week; listening to Alan Hovhaness’ Symphony number two . It was completed in 1955 and he named it ‘Mysterious Mountain’ – I love it.

Did you know his last symphony Symphony was No. 67 - 'Hymn to the Mountains', Op. 429 for orchestra - he finished it in 1992.

Beverly is out working; filling in for someone on vacation. She should be back for lunch. And since we did not go out for our… Continue

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the fog outside is so thick even the birds are under cover

I woke up early this morning to the sound of birds out side my window having an argument; is that possible.

The fog outside is so thick even the birds are under cover. Will the sun come out to play today; I ask?

I had set the alarm for around six but had forgotten. I was so relaxed but fully away thinking about the thinks I wanted to get done today. When the alarm did go off it caught me by surprise – it took me a moment to cancel the sound but it was too late to go back to that… Continue

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close my eyes; thinking pleasant thoughts.

I finished the Thursday File newsletter late on Wednesday. I thought the file was a very good one this week. Those who read this little ramble – please let me know what you thought. – oh and let me also know if you are on twitter?

Yesterday was a blast I was feeling great and worked hard; got lots accomplished.

Today, I think it has to do with the weather; I woke up with another headache, this time week, so I thought it might go away – then I’ve been having a lot of… Continue

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my eyes seemed to want to meet each other

It’s going to be a long day at work today- a full day and I still have not finished the Thursday File that goes out tomorrow morning. I’ll have to work that out in between my calls today.

Had coffee yesterday at Starbucks with a good old chat with a friend.

Liz made a fantastic dinner for us last night. Lemon Basel Spaghetti with shrimps and scallops with veggies from the garden. This was toped of with a delightful chocolate dessert with Ice-cream.

I worked on… Continue

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pounding away

I woke up early this morning with a very bad migraine headache. I’ve take some medicine but it’s still pounding away.

I hope it’s going to be a good day out today. I only have one call to make this morning then I’m off until 1:30 for a full afternoon of work. I plan to go to Chapters/Starbucks and relax this morning and meet a few people and read or do some writing.

When I was growing up I would go up to my uncle’s place in northern Ontario and I would take long walks in the… Continue

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Spa Vacation Blog

Hi everyone - Not sure who may see this, however I just wanted to remind you that I'm one of the bloggers under Blogs, which you will see on the home page. Then go to Spa Vacation. I hope you'll stop by from time to time as it will be more than spas and travel. Have a great week.

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at the beach

I get up early most mornings but yesterday, Sunday I slept in. Saturday night I was up late watching old TV programs on DVDs; finally succumbing at 2am. Once up though I made breakfast for two – something simple - a beagle with cheese, egg and bacon. Beverly dropped me off at Chapters/Starbucks; she had to work. I read, drank coffee; actually laities and just relaxed. When she picked me up, we headed home. Around four, I made hamburgers on the BBQ along with onions, zucchini, cherry tomatoes,… Continue

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my mind exploded

I woke up this morning with a headache; it was if a large sledge hammer were striking an anvil, over and over until the last sound was mixed with the next strike. I came down stairs put the water on for coffee and got ready to start the day. Even the Computer seemed to be having its problems. But as my screens lit up my mind exploded. The pain went right through my head. I had to cancel my appointments. I had four. I wrote a brief message; then sent them off with a feeling of guilt, letting… Continue

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rain, rain, go away. . .

Well I was a little bit more prepared this morning – got everything set up before I started, which got me off to a good start. So far today we have had a little sun, a little rain, but mostly it has just been cloudy and foggy.

My work day is almost over, only three more phone calls -- then off for a coffee and a meeting with two guys about our house.

I really need to spend some time this weekend cleaning up the studio. It’s a real mess.

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gray cells

I worked on the Thursday File late last night to finish it off and schedule it for today’s mailing. The last thing I looked at was my schedule for today. But between leaving the computer and hitting the sack my little tired gray cells missed something – I set my alarm and decided to sleep in until 5:45; giving me a good 45 minutes to get ready for my first call. I came down stairs, put the water on for coffee, turned on the computer, went back made the coffee took it into the studio. Checked me… Continue

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Increasing Tasting Room Sales- a salesman's perspective

I have been a salesman in one way or another all of my working life. I have built a successful business and in the last couple of years worked part time at two wineries as a tasting room associate (TRA). What follows are my ideas of how to get more sales from the tasting room staff.

First I think it is important to understand what motivates a person to work in a tasting room. It is most likely is not the pay, $10, $12 or $15 per hour can be earned at any convenience store or fast… Continue

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