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Super in Sonoma

An Interview with the Enterprising Owner & Winemaker of Super Sonoman.

Many in Sonoma County would take issue with being told that their winemaking region suffers from what might be called a bit of a varietal void. But arguably, much of its reputation has been built on the quality-driven production of Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah. Can the same thing be said of Cabernet Sauvignon? In asserting the negative to that… Continue

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Vested Interest

An Interview with the Winemaking Vineyard Manager of Napa's Salvestrin.

The face of the Napa Valley has changed dramatically over the last generation. During that time, scores of new wineries have been established and the resulting growth in commerce and tourism has been staggering. But in the midst of all this bustle and boom, there persists a number of small, family owned and operated vineyards whose history stretches long before Napa… Continue

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Cellars of Sonoma is open for business! spread the word!

I wanted to let everyone know that Cellars of Sonoma is open 7 days a week from 10 to 7 located at 133 4th Street in downtown Santa Rosa in historic Railroad Square! Please come on by and check out our room! and let everyone you know we are open for business and look forward to meeting everyone!

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Eastern Exposure

An Interview with the Founder & Owner of Napa's Oakville East.

The American consumer is one who heavily identifies with brands. And while super-premium wine is an agricultural product whose quality is heavily predicated on the geographical origin of its grapes, branding is nevertheless front and center in the sales strategies of most produced in this country. Yet where does the concept of terroir, or place, fit into this? Very often,… Continue

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Hospitality SEO: Quick Start-Guide to Linkbuilding

Getting started with linkbuilding for travel websites can be tough. Many people’s first thoughts are “Where do I start and how should I do it?”. Let me answer that question for you.

#1 Submit your website to travel directories

Go to the following websites and submit your travel site:




#2 Submit your website to forums

Visite these… Continue

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Wine the Grand Illusion (or, The Myth of "Breathing" Wine)

Does price affect the "quality" of wine? Yes, indeed it do.

At least according to…


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A Bud Doesn’t Produce Wine….not directly!

Nor does putting up a profile on a social network produce a sale. Yet I am reading the thoughts of many people that would indicate that there is an expectation that (for or against) this very concept.

As we all know a bud needs to be nurtured, looked after as it becomes a grape, cared for, picked at the right time, crushed along with many other grapes, processed, and allowed to mature before you can pour a glass of wine (in simplistic terms).

A winery can’t think that by… Continue

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Why Write a Wine Blog? To Make a Toast!

For those who really know me, they would tell you that just a short while ago I was a realtor (only temporarily) and now I’m a wine blogger (?).

I asked that question of myself after just asking someone in the business about their intentions concerning a report. In between I received a curious email about my blog site to further spur my thoughts.

I have been involved with technically for a very long time. I started writing blogs on real estate several years ago and found… Continue

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Direct-to-Consumer Wine Sales

“Wineries need to get better at Internet dating”

That is a direct quote from a heading in the 2009-2010 State of the Wine Industry (page 14) that very much supports the positions that I have been discussing lately in my wine blogs. This 25 page documents outline an industry in flux. Couple that fact with a significant shift in consumer behavior and you have a unique opportunity for those adventurous enough to… Continue

Added by Mark T. Norman on May 7, 2009 at 8:50am — 1 Comment

Wrong Business Approach to Social Networking – Part 2


I hope all of you know from a business context what it means when you ask someone if they know what “ASSUME” means. Unfortunately I assumed a concept in my original blog on the business use of social networking and could rightly have that meaning applied to U and me.

In the first part of this blog I mentioned that there was an IT consultant hired by three wineries. I felt that this was the wrong approach to take by the wineries, or any business for that… Continue

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International Wines – From Good to Great Values

Let the truth be told I am not a sommelier!

I am a techie with a long history in sales and marketing that loves wines. Early on in my wine drinking career (LOL) I probably drank what many would call standard wines (cabs and zins) but over the last decade I have developed tastes for wines from many countries and many different varietals.

Tired of drinking the same wine with almost every meal? Often I think people are reluctant to try different wines because they don’t want… Continue

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At 4950 Ross Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Celebrate Cahill’s Spring Wine Release

Saturday, May 9th 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with The Band -

Tom Finn & The Money Shots

BBQ, seafood tapas and wine tasting accompanied by a live band! Event fee of $5 per person for five tastings and food, children are free. A drawing will be held to win Cahill wines, ports, vinegar and specialty brandies in the basket at the end of the day. The $5 event fee will… Continue

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Altitude Adjustment

The Napa Valley with Altitude 2009 Wine Tasting Event.

Altitude. It's what distinguishes "hillside" or "mountain" fruit from grapes that are grown on flatter, lower lying areas. In the Napa Valley, the Mayacamas mountain range is home for the vines bearing such fruit, residing specifically in any one of its three AVAs (American Viticultural Areas), as they're officially called: Spring Mountain, Diamond Mountain, and Mount Veeder. It was… Continue

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Roc Solid

An Interview in the Wine Caves of VinRoc, atop Napa's Atlas Peak.

Between the rocky soil of its hillside vineyard and the granite encountered during the excavation of its wine cave, VinRoc has had quite the solid theme of rock running through its story. I had initially met its proprietors, Kiky and Michael Parmenter, during the 2008 Family Winemakers event, whereupon I tasted wines from their small but super-premium portfolio. Months… Continue

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Mark’s (unofficial) Five Golden Rules of Social – Business Networking

In the past few weeks I have joined a number of new social networking sites focused on wines and the wine industry. I also began spending a lot more time on LinkedIn. It became obvious that many of the people and businesses that were there had no clue how to even present themselves, let alone participate on a social site.


Yes, many individuals are there for one reason, MORE BUSINESS! Several years ago, when MySpace and FaceBook were new names in cyberspace,… Continue

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How To Make Duck Prosciutto

This was given to me by Executive Chef David Bush at St.Francis Winery.( Thanks Chef) They are celebrating 30 years!

I did not know you could make prosciutto out of duck. So thinking of wine pairings with this, Syrah? Any ideas? Champagne always,


Duck Prosciutto:


1.1/2 to 2 cups kosher salt

1 whole boneless Pekin duck breast, skin on, split in half

½ tablespoon of freshly ground black or white… Continue

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