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Carolyn Horan

Many people including me had never even heard of a Turducken. My sister, daughter, and grandson had seen it on The Food Channel and decided it was the perfect thing for us to have on Christmas Day. As we usually cook a turkey and a duck this would make the meal preparation very easy.

Supposedly the McIlhenny Tabasco Company claims that Turducken was invented in New Orleans, Louisiana either by Corinne Dunbar's, a New Orleans Creole… Continue

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Traveling along the Wine Trail of New England

Traveling along the Wine Trail of New England

By Carolyn Horan

Vibrant colors sparkle along the back roads of Vermont as the sun darts in and of the trees. Avoid the highway at all costs. Just a leisurely ride winding along the narrow roads through all of the main streets with the quaint town squares. We would not want to miss the glorious gold’s, wine dipped reds, hunting vest oranges, fading greens and chocolate browns of the fall foliage.

Soon we are in… Continue

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Feast in the Field

Feast in the Field 2009

By Carolyn Horan

The Second Annual Feast in the Field was held at Greenvale Vineyards in Portsmouth, RI

on September 11, 2009.The feast is a celebration of local foods, wines and farms. The event was to raise funds for the farmers and farms in Rhode Island and southern New England. Rhode Island is first in the nation in going back to their farming roots.

According to an article by Talia Buford in the Providence Journal “ farms in… Continue

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  1. In the magic world of wines, there are only two names which really counts.

These are: Bordeaux and Bourgogne

Both of them are in France, however they are totally different one from the other.

Not so long ago, young wine enthousiasts and wine lovers all over the world, were practically weaned on Bordeaux, just as would-be connoisseurs had been for generations. It was



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Quick and delicious appetizer

Classic Blini With Royal Osetra Caviar and Wassabi

Classic Blini With Royal Sturgeon And Wassabi

Amazing quick appetizers for your guests.


1 Pack of Beverly Hills Caviar's Classic Blini

1.1lb Horseradish (wasabi) Tobikko

Royal Sturgeon Caviar (1 pound pail)

Serving Tray

Open the Classic Blini pack and heat (follow the heating instructions on

the pack)

Place a generous dab of… Continue

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Full on into Bud Break

Bud Break is on. It's so exciting and romantic.

Late yesterday afternoon, we rolled into Summers Winery (small, friendly, open space near the Old Faithful Geyser). Great Petite Syrah 2007. After cruising up the Silverado Trail and passing Chateau Montelena. The hospitality director, Roy, explained that the Petite Syrah 2007, which we bought, had a magical mix of time well-spent (21 months) partly in aged and…

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DrinkLocalWine.com Twitter Faceoff

We just finished the Twitter Taste-off where participants tweeted about wines they just tasted. The premier wineries from Virginia and Maryland were pouring and even more importantly the winemaker\proprietor was available to discuss their products. Each winery poured a red and a white and not surprisingly Viognier was a common white varietal. There were also a couple Chardonnay,… Continue

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Apulia Photo Blog

I created a photogallery with the desire to let people discover the beauty and attractives of my Puglia region, southern Italy.

I would be happy if you will visit the gallery on http://apuliaphotogallery.blogspot.com/ and give your suggestions to make it the most useful and interesting according to you...

Thanks a lot, Augusto

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Kir is the most famous and typical Burgundian aperitif, invented by Felix Kir, first Dijon's Mayor after WW II.

Mr. Kir, was not only war hero, but as well plenty of entrepreneurial

ideas succesfull businessman. As the economics of Burgundy, at that

times, were in…

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2010 DrinkLocalWine.com Conference - Preview

There may be a few of you who are thinking about attending the 2010 DrinkLocalWine.com conference on April 25th, but are not familiar with the Virginia or Maryland wine industry. Both states have industry associations that provide excellent resources for learning more about wine in that state. For Maryland, try the Maryland Wineries Association and particularly their… Continue

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Hospitality lawyer.com's webinar

There is an upcoming Webinar on Survey and Wage Litigation April 14th,
at 3:00pm central; http://www.hospitalitylawyer.com/Webinars/April_14.html

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Hospitality Lawyer

Hello my name is Sean Wilson from hospitalitylawyer.com. Hospitalitylawyer.com has created a new social network on NING and is

looking for members to join. A little

info about Hospitalitylawyer.com: HospitalityLawyer.com, the industry’s

web-based resource for legal, safety, and security solutions, today announced

that the 2010 Hospitality Law Conference will explore the latest trends and

issues in the hospitality industry – ranging from alcohol and…


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New post on my blog


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wine and music

In 2007, Clark Smith (R.H. Phillips, Vinovation) went on NPR with Alex Cohen and made a lot of noise about pairing wine with music, claiming that a wine’s taste was dramatically impacted by the music that accompanies it. Since then, web sites devoted to the subject have sprung up like ragweed. Contests have appeared in the pages of Wine Enthusiast and wineries have rushed to sell CD’s along…


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Wine tourism is a great way to learn about the people, culture, heritage, and customs of an area.

According to most of tourism business forecasts, oenotourism is regarded

as having greatest potential. As result of the above it may become

soon, the most lucrative tourism business venue in global scale.

One of the main reasons, is giant over production of wines all over the

world. Over production, which cannot be… Continue

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Social Media and the wine biz

Last month, I made a point to attend a series of wine events that presented opportunities to network with wine professionals and enthusiasts alike. To see the power of Social Media at work was both exciting and gratifying. Whether it was a tasting event to promote a particular wine region, a launch to celebrate a new social network, or a tweetup which is essentially a meetup with tweeting, events like these "puts the Social back in to social media," a quote I borrowed from Thea Dwelle's blog… Continue

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Free the Shine: Catoctin Creek Distilling Company

This weekend I stumbled upon the Facebook page for a distillery, right in my backyard, Catoctin Creek Distilling Company. And just two weeks ago I drove right by their distillery without even realizing it. Catoctin Creek produce several spirits, from their Watershed Gin, to Virginia Brandy, to Roundstone Rye and Mosby's Spirit. The later is a white whiskey… Continue

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Inter-Industry Etiquette

I have considered posting this topic on several occasions but last night I realized it was time to issue a call to action.

Last night at 5:55 pm, as I was preparing to close the tasting room, the door opened and in walked three folks one of whom identified himself as a tasting room…


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