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I'm brand new on W&HN. Quite honestly, one of the main reasons for me joining was to (hopefully) create a vibrant discussion around origin branding for wineries and vineyards. (A brief disclosure: we are currently developing a service that helps wineries/vineyards effectively communicate the unique qualities of the location/origin)

A brief overview of the facts concerning origin branding so far:

Appellation and region ranked in the top 10 factors influencing wine consumer purchase decisions in retail and restaurant settings. (WBM, June 15, 2008)


49% of consumers in a retail setting cited region of origin as a very important factor in their purchase decision, and 36% cited origin as somewhat important.
(Bruwer, 2008)


“Origin … is the single most important aspect of wine in establishing pricing, positioning, and promotion for wines in all sales channels throughout world
markets.” (Marshall, 2009)

Would love to hear your impressions and interests concerning origin branding, and to see who out there is using origin as a key marketing/communications tool.



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Origin branding is an important facet to wine interest because region provides a strong connection to authenticity perceptions of wine. Within the scope of authenticity and the numerous benefits derived, research has further identified that origin contributes not necessarily to status perception of wine but rather to sincere views about the wine label. This means that origin (from an authenticity perspective) does not contribute to justifying high prices per se, but rather that origin contributes to purchasing desire. It is likely the association between origin and quality that justifies high price increase (an indirect effect).

Bet you didn't expect such a detailed response, but it was a nice question. I'm new to the forum myself.

Nice! That's what we're looking for! Appreciate the input, Christopher. Do you do origin branding? Would like to continue the conversation ...
I would love to continue conversing. I sent a friend request which allows us to message each other directly and/or share contact info.

My work is specific to managing brand and authenticity perceptions.

This is a very interesting conversation. Did you continue it privately? If so, could you share more?


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