I have the opportunity to take over an existing wine club of 100 people. I know them well and have been the guest tutor on several occasions. It should be fun and I have some fresh ideas....although they are more mature folk, so I don't want to alienate people by changing and innovating too quickly.
This discussion is essentially to discover any pitfalls that might occur for a tasting club/group. The members are used to an annual subscription and then paying for 10 tasting evenings/dinners throughout the year.
From your experience what should I look out for? What should I focus on? What are the key/crucial parts to get right?
My 2 areas are communication and expansion......I am fine with the wine side of things...it is more the logistics that are the great unknown....therefore any help/comments would be appreciated.

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Thanks for your comment.
I tried getting on your website, but for some reason I could not see the words. I had the music no problem...but the content was lacking! Is this normal???

I think the first thing I would do it create a brief survey (or do it verbally) and ask the members what they want. In the survey I would also ask each for the most enjoyable wine tasting event they have been to and what was special about it. Why guess, when the answer is already within the people. This will tell you exactly what direction you should be heading!

Yes Margie
Thanks for your input. I agree about a survey.
I am working on a questionnaire to get views and feedback. I want the content and the style of the wine club to really be dictated by the members rather than chancing any new directions.
I have more pioneering ideas for tasting styles but I am very aware that the current mix of people within the club is more mature and quite a few 'grey tops'....so I want to tread carefully and evolve within a comfortable time frame.

I agree with what you said - let the members dictate the style, but I would like to see you throw a few of your innovating ideas out to them in the survey, perhaps you have some ideas that, although perhaps they haven't tried before, they might want to! And again, you are right about time frame. It is human nature to resist change (even if it is good), so moving at a comfortable pace for them will ensure your success.



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