Sign up to volunteer for Industry Insiders @ The Hess Collection, May 28th, 4:00 PM

Let me know which area(s) you have an interest in:

Food Service

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I would like to work on check-in

Donna Altes
Would like to help with Food Service or Wine Pouring. I am an experienced wine service and event server with high-end wine knowledge and also a winemaker, heavily involved with the Wine Program at the Napa Valley College.
Also Available for other events coming up. I added the industry event at The Castle in February.

Mark Buckley
I can help with set up and check in too.---- and stay for break down if you need it. Even shoot photos too during!!
It'll be a fun night!

Judith Vrooman
I'm happy to help with set-up or food service - but would, of course, help where ever needed.

I can also offer photography skills.
I'll be happy to serve food.
Going over to Hess today to check out the drive in daylight. Also check out the rest......and the wine. Looks like the drive might be tricky in the dark.
Hi Margie-
I would like to volunteer for this.
What a great event!
Can do most anything, but prefer
check-in or wine pouring.
Linda St. Andrew
Hi Margie,
I am a flight attendant who is very interested in continuing my hospitality and customer service, especially in the wine business. Please add me to your list to volunteer at Hess on May 28. I am available to work wherever needed, but prefer check-in or food service. Thanks so much.

Nancy Baty
Hi Margie,
I recently went up to Hess to check it out and the drive. David said it will be outside in the advise hats,or sunscreen, and sweaters.
I love it. Think it will be great. I 'll be there to help for the whole thing , whatever you need.
my cell 530 414 4983 lve message.
---even found a shortcut back to Sonoma/Rohnert Park.

I would like to help out if you still need people. Food service or check-in or anything else you need help with.

Elisabeth Schwarz
Hi Margie-
I did sign up to volunteer for the Hess Collection event , am I still needed?

Hi Margie, I would love to help out! Having recently relocated back to the Valley, I’m excited about getting involved with activities that make this such a great place to live. In my “day” job I’m an event manager/planner and can help with the pre-planning if needed; I’m also available to help on-site with check-in, set-up, or break-down. Let me know what I can help with. …teddi


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