Sign up to volunteer for Post Bloggers Conf. Party @ Private residence, July 26th, 1:00 PM

Let me know which area(s) you have an interest in:

Food Service

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Would like to help with Food Service or Wine Pouring. I am an experienced wine service and event server with high-end wine knowledge and also a winemaker, heavily involved with the Wine Program at the Napa Valley College.
Also Available for other events coming up. I added the industry event at The Castle in February.

Mark Buckley
Great, thanks Mark, I'll put you on the list!
Hi Margie,

I would like to work this event...experienced in food and wine service and set-up. Let me know where you need me.


Donna Douglas
I would like to help with guest check in for this event. I also have wine and food service experience.
Hi, Margie,

Would love to volunteer for the July 26th event, signing in task..


Thanks to everyone who is signing up to volunteer - we need you all! I will begin coordinating who is needed where a bit closer to the event!


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