We all can see that there are many, many Wine related events over on the West Coast of the US; but how many do we have here in Florida or in the neighboring states?
Do any of you know of any trade shows for the wine industry that happen around here, or any major events sponsored by West Coast wineries and vineyards that those of us in the wine business in Florida can benefit from?
Being a new owner of a wine shop, I am always looking for some local access to the industry trade shows, tastings, and such.
Please share any information you may have!!

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Hi Raquel,

We'd love to bring an 'industry insider' event to FL. Maybe with the Tampa Bay group's help we can in the future!
There are some great tasting events in Florida- South Beach Wine & Food is one of the biggest (in the country), the Tampa Bay Wine & Food Festival is much smaller, but the same concept as the South Beach event, Naples and Sarasota both have significant events, and here in Tampa we have the the Bern's Wine Fest.
I am not sure about any industry-specific events outside of industry days/times at the larger events, though- check out my blog where I wrote about the Tampa Bay Wine & Food Fest, which I attended on an industry event day. (http://winemuch.blogspot.com/)


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