Is there a Napa winery on this network interested in joining a new co-op tasting room in downtown Napa? I have a dynamite location and prospective lease in hand and I am looking for small boutique wineries to join in this venture.

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I would be very interested in joining the co-op tasting room. We are a very small (~1000 case) winery specializing in Rhone reds. We are located in the Sierra Foothills, and could bring a unique mix to a Napa tasting room.
Unfortunately Debbie I am looking to restrict this tasting room to Napa-based wineries at this time. but if you would like to send me some contact info and winery info I will keep it in case we can't fill the tasting room with Napa wineries.

Hi Debbie,
I would like to speak to you!
Bart - what is the name of your tasting room in Napa and where is it located?
Unfortunately Karen, I have had to abandon my plans. The condition of the economy has made the small wineries very leary of any financial committments. Too bad.
Bart - thats too bad. Hopefully when the economy improves you'll resurect your plans. We think downtown Napa holds much promise for the future. The new construction going on as well as several new restaurants in the planning stages should bode well for increased residential and tourist traffic. Good luck and please do keep us posted.

Bart, not sure if you got that tasting room up and running but I can help promote you with a free branded page on


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